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    • Keenan Wells

      I just saw 'Hereditary' last night, and hooo boy was it scary. I went into this movie not really knowing anything about it, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Let's just say it was a white-knuckle experience.

      That's probably not eveyrone's cup of tea for an evening out at the cinema, but it wasn't just your everyday horror movie. It was very well made and had some great performances. It did an amazing job of building anxiety with tense music and camera work. By the end, you're wound up like a rubber band. I won't spoil it in this post, but this was a very effective strategy given what happens.

      If you like scary movies, go see it. Have you seen it? What did you think?

    • I'm eager to see it!

      But I also finally got around to watching The Exorcist a month or two ago after hearing for years and years that it was the scariest movie ever made, was good and I liked it just fine, but nah.

      I'm a little worried that all the hype for Hereditary might leave me feeling similarly let down.

    • Oh, yes indeed.

      The enemy of happiness is expectations. That's my opinion. It applies to life in general, not just movies.

      Some of my favorite movie experiences came because I had no or low expectations. One didn't go to an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie in the 1980s expecting much more than than an idle diversion. So I was blown away by The Terminator. The Exorcist was as you say, so over-sold that it never got to me, and I get uncomfortable in horror movies.

      I heard on the Truth and Movies podcast that Hereditary can viewed in two ways -- either as a drama with scares, or as a horror movie.

    • Listening to the Truth and Movies podcast, they say this movie could also be viewed as a comedy.


      Actually, it makes sense. When a work nudges the boundaries of its genre, like being excessively melodramatic, it can become parody.

    • Funny you say that, there definitely were some moments of humor, and the audience did laugh at unexpected times. I wonder if I would’ve found those moments funny were I alone 🤔

    • oh MAN this movie was terrifying. My twin brother tricked me into going to see it (I had no idea what it was) and I watched most of the movie with my eyes half covered. haven’t dont that since I was a little kid haha

      On top of that - you get literally no moment of catharsis at the end, so I felt totally wacky after leaving the theater. The scenes replayed in my head for the next day or two. Reminded me of eastern horror movies.

      Crazy how powerful of an effect a movie like that can be. It was SUPER well done.