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    • I don't know how many people have asked me what to buy from Apple to replace their aging whatever — MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iPad...a lot. I've been saying wait. And the next question they ask is how long? Gulp. I don't know. It's been 4 years since they updated the Mini. Do they even care anymore?

      Finally, after scaring me that it wouldn't happen this fall, we got our updates. What do you think? Anybody upgrading? Is the 3rd gen butterfly keyboard significantly better than the second gen?

      I want to tell my friends and neighbors okay, you can buy a Mini now. Should I?

    • I'm on my 3rd MacBook Pro, now it's 6 years old, but still delaying to upgrade due to Apple's over the top (even for Apple) price increases. Not to mention keyboard issues and the needless Touch Bar. This new Air seems like a compromise in specs and screen size (but not so much in display resolution which slightly smaller than my 2012 MBP). Of course, it follows the same "2018 = 20% higher price" policy.

      Will need to see it in shop. Otherwise, I'll replace the battery and go for the decade mark :D :D

    • I want to tell my friends and neighbors okay, you can buy a Mini now. Should I?

      The base model looks fine. However the upgrades are priced absolutely atrociously. So if I'd be okay with the base storage, I would probably be okay with buying the new Mini. Memory is user-upgradeable (if you want to go for 64Gb, you'd have to wait for 32Gb SO-DIMMs to become available though, as there are only two slots), but as far as I understood, SSD is not. We should wait for some iFixIt teardowns to confirm that, I guess.

    • Nothing from today's announcements, but the iPhone Xs Max is calling my name. I want it for the camera! Same size as my current LG V10 but the images...

    • I watched the presentation from Brooklyn on the web today. I am impressed with all three items - the new MacBook Air, the Mac Mini, and the iPad Pro. I haven't really shopped prices yet, so that may put me off, but all three items seem major improvements and desireable. I wish they had included face recognition in the MacAir like they have it on the iPad Pro. Apparently Adobe has real Photoshop coming in early 2019 for the iPad Pro, and it can drive a 5K monitor - seems kind of interesting. I want to learn more about the T2 chip in the Mac Air also, but the size and the retina screen seem quite desireable as is its USB-C ports

      I am torn between purchasing a new MacAir or a new iPad Pro - it seems hard to justify owning both, but they are used quite differently - one as a laptop w keyboard, and one as a tablet with a wand or brush or pencil, whatever.

      I am currently in the process of setting up and moving my desktop from a 2013 Trash can Mac to a new iMacPro - still waiting to get a new Pegasys RAID array for image storage to work with Thunderbolt 3. My present Pegasys RAID system is limited to Thunderbolt 1, and I will use it for back up. I will then finally dismantle my older Mac Tower from early 2008 as it is no longer able to accept OS upgrades past 10.11.6 El Capitan, and I do favor Mojave so far.

      The new Mac MIni seems like it can be quite useful and powerful, but haven't looked at its pricing yet.

    • Ouch! The 12" iPad Pro, 512Kb, WiFi + cellular comes in at over $2K US, nearly $3K Aus. That's not happening. Maybe I'll just pick up a second-hand 1st gen Pro from someone who is upgrading. 😥

      I do have to upgrade though as my 32 bit processor isn't supported anymore; no more OS upgrades (or fixes) and more and more apps are no longer supported. 😡

    • When I look at the Apple site, in the USA, a 12" iPadPro with a 512 Gb ( not Kb) of solid state storage + WiFI + Cellular is US $ 1499.00 not over $2K as you posted - Your prices are from an Australian Apple site then? Deleteing cellular in the USA model cuts the price $150.00

      It is expensive, and I think I would prefer the 11 inch model for the smaller size and an additional $150 dollar savings.

      I am certain I saw the iPadPro hooked up to an external hard drive array via the USB-C cord during the presentation earlier today, but I cannot verify that information on the Apple site tonight as I rummage around. I know there is a USB-C charging port, but USB-C ports are also typically data ports too, so....

    • Yes, the price I quoted was from an Australian store. We tend to pay a bit more down here for ... well, everything. 😠

    • Do you remember the old Apple? When it would announce cool spec bumps to its hardware and then totally wow the audience by revealing that the price was exactly the same as its predecessor?

      I've always found Apple to be an arrogant company, now I think it's adding greed as well.

    • It does seem that computers are approaching the limits of needing further hardware upgrades for most activities people need to do - there is some real horsepower in these new machines, not sure what it will be used for, or whether we will need further upgrades in the future. It seems unlikely. I am still using a desktop machine built in early 2008, but it cannot ( or Apple doesn't support ) the latest OS upgrades.

      Watching the new iPad pro render games complete with sweat droplets on the players faces was remarkable even if not necessary. The images looked photographic, not like the crude graphic images games once had, really amazing realtime rendering on 4K monitors.

      The new Mini with 3 GHz 6 core 8th Gen i5, 512 Gb SSD, and 64Gb of 2666 MHz DDR4 SO-DIMM memory sound like real beasts with a great set of I/O ports including T3, HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, 10GB Ethernet, audio and costs ~$2800 - That's about what we were paying for desktop computers 30 years ago but what a difference in performance. Yes, you can buy computers for $500 bucks these days, but not with these specifications I don't think.

      A basic Mini with 16 Gb RAM and a 256 GB boot SSD is only $1299, so yes, I think you can recommend them to a friend who wants a good quality high performance modern machine running Mojave. JMO

    • Was really hoping that the Mini would be refreshed as I wanted to get one for my parents, but with the specs at the price point I just can't justify it. $800 for an i3 just seems extreme.

    • I was thinking the same thing. It would always announce something really useful and desireable and keep a cap on price. Now they have a huge number of options for every product and their prices are creeping up. Sounds like what happened to Apple back in late 1980s under John Sculley.

    • I'm pretty confused by the Macbook Air update. I thought that the Macbook was intended to replace the Air moving forward, but now the air looks like it's replacing the Macbook again after just a couple years? On paper the Air just blows away the Macbook... and it's cheaper? I just don't get the strategy there.

      I've been finding the one port on my 12" Macbook pretty painful and would like just a little more screen real estate. In addition to maybe not being so sluggish. Time to upgrade? 🤔

    • Oh wow! I didn't know they FINALLY updated it! I just replaced my HDD on my 2011 Mac mini, but it's too old for me to run Adobe CC. I'm going to go and check this out!

    • Checked out the Macbook Air and i'm sold as a replacement for my 2012 MBP. It's got enough resolution to fit my code editing and feels quite fast. At almost 1kg less it's bound to be easier to handle on bus/trains/airplanes, making the sacrifice in screen inches seem worth it. Plus, no silly Touch Bar! 

    • I was asking about the new 2018 MBAir, sorry - but when I just looked I realized you can't upgrade the CPU on the 2018 MBAir either. Hah! Only the older version of the MBAir without the Retina display can get a 2.2 Ghz CPU