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    • Amazing story.

      I wasn't lucky enough to ever meet or work with Steve, but one thing I've seen during my time in the tech industry is that there are a lot of people who try to emulate him. Unfortunately it's a lot easier to emulate Steve's weaknesses than his strengths, so the result is that some people are just whiny entitled jerks without much else to offer.

      The thing that always impresses me when I read about Steve is that he allowed people to convince him he was wrong. He was a stubborn jerk about it, but if smart people argued with him strenuously enough, he would listen and eventually (sometimes) come around. I think that's where a lot of his magic was.

    • Thanks for sharing, Chris! Awesome story! It's really neat you got to know Steve Jobs in such an up close and personal way. My dad's company was responsible for making the chips that went between the memory and microprocessor for the first geration of iMac and iBook in the late 1990s. He saw more of the ruthless side of Steve Jobs, haha.

    • Great story Chris - for me, this last paragraph contains some real meaty stuff. The power of hiring for strengths - not absence of weakness - wow - that is impactful. I try to manage people that way. I manage to their strengths and ignore their weaknesses. The more companies can adopt this line of thinking, the better chance they have of becoming something that changes the world like Apple did. As an aside - the first time I met Steve was at the launch of the iMac. Leo Laporte sent me to cover it because he couldn't go. The press were ushered into a room after the incredible keynote (which had everyone wanting this computer they'd never even seen before) and we got to play with the few dozen working prototypes. All of a sudden there he was - he and his gaggle of PR mavens entered the room and for some reason he walked up to me (out of more than 20 people) and said "So - what do you think?" I replied - "I think it's cool." He said, "Of course you do," and moved on. Vintage Steve. Thanks for posting this insider's look at life at NEXT. The only bad thing about this story is that it reminds me of how much the world lost when it lost Steve Jobs. Thanks.

    • Love the story Chris! I would not have wanted to be in your shoes :-)

      The only time I saw Steve Jobs was when he presented the Next computer in Boston. I think it was at the Boston Computer Club meeting? Quite the showman.