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    • Those who support Donald Trump are constantly criticizing what they call "the mainstream media."

      Although I doubt anything will convince the die-hard Trump supporters, I also believe that there are some people who can be influenced by such accusations.

      The way for those News Outlets which desire to be seen as neutral or unbiased to behave is to present the facts and not try to explain away the facts.

      USAToday responded to a claim by admitting that the claim was factual. They even rated it true.

      But then they gave the conspiracy theorists a free lunch in the last paragraph of the article. If they had left out the last sub-head in the article and the last paragraph in the article they would not have come across as opinionated. They had already made their point under the previous sub-heading. Under the previous sub-heading they had presented some other relevant facts. That was fine and that is where they should have left it.

    • I'm sure that many Republican voters are convinced that Biden won the election.

      I think that we should make a distinction between Republican voters and die-hard Trump supporters.

      But I was not posting a discussion of the deluded, I was posting on the subject of the mistrust of news outlets. I've never been a Trump supporter but I have been skeptical about the reliability of news outlets since the late 1970s. Back then, when I searched through the Periodical Index, I found that back then US News and World Report was much less biased than Time and Newsweek. I don't think that this is still true, but it seemed pretty accurate back then.

      Back in 1959, the first book in a six book series by Allen Drury was published. One of the common themes throughout that series was on the subject of how biased the news media was in that time.

      While the Grahams owned the Washington Post, it was unapologetically liberal. For a short while after Bezos purchased the Washington Post, it became more centrist than it had been. It probably would have stayed that way if Donald Trump had not become popular among those who are still supporting him.

      If anything, Trump has driven a wedge through society causing more polarization both towards the left extreme and towards the right extreme. The center is much less populated than it was seven years ago.