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    • Last weekend I went riding around Menlo Park, California. The green grass and blooming wildflowers tricked my mind that it is already Springtime. Alas, it is still the beginning of February.

      Don't know the name of these wildflowers, but they were hard to miss.

    • Not a flower (no flowers blooming here right now), but happened upon this enchanting Funky-Trunk Tree today (yes, that its scientific name). πŸ˜‰

    • Winter here now in the Southern Hemisphere so heres one from Yesterdays walk in the Australain Botanic Gardens. Sturt's Desert Pea (Swainsona formosa) These are a form of ground cover in the arid areas of Australia. growing along the ground with these bright red flowers rising up about 200mm (8") off the ground.

    • Continuing on with the Southern Hemisphere winter flowers out now This shots of some Yellow Kangaroo paws from the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan on Saturday.

    • Another shot from Saturdays Walk around the Australian Botanic Gardens, this time the Wattle is out in flower, this are a form of Acacia, There 960 different varieties native to Australia, come August the Australian Bush is coloured bright Yellow from all the Wattle trees in flower, there are that many wattle tree species that these is nearly always one type in flower at any time of the year but come August they are at their peak. the flowers are in a ball about 10mm (5/8") dia. and are a soft as they look. These are Australia's nation floral emblem and the green and gold of the Wattle are our sporting colours on the world stage, this shot shots where the green and gold comes from if you have ever seen the sporting colours on any of our sports teams.Β