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    • With > Text Editing I an turn of Invisibles (tabs return symbols etc)
      However when I select text I can see them (is there a way of turning this feature off too?

    • This is one of those subjects which is operating system dependent. The MacOS version of Scrivener uses the Operating System's own text editing engine. If Apple provides a new text editing feature when it upgrades the operating system then Scrivener also has that feature. As far as I know, Apple's text editing engine displays invisibles in highlighted text.

      On a side note: The latest version of Scrivener for the Mac contains a tool in the compiler which is considered experimental (released with trepidation) that allows conversion to .docx files WITHOUT using Apple's conversion tools. So far, the experimental tool seems to produce a better .docx document than Apple's tools do.

      However, the Windows version has its own text editing toolset and I am not familiar with the Windows version.

      When Google Plus was around, there were a large number of experts on both platforms available and for awhile one of the employees of Literature and Latte fielded these kinds of questions.

      Regrettably, I was not able to persuade most of the members of the Scrivener Users group to migrate to Cake. Therefore, your best bet is to post this question in the L&L forums.

      MacOS Technical questions:

      Windows OS Technical questions:

    • I might add that if you don't get a response by Monday at the latest, I will be surprised. In fact, I suspect that you will have a response in less than 48 hours.