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    • I'm pretty excited about the OLED display, Face ID, the dual 12MP optically stabilized rear cameras, and the other new stuff coming in the iPhone X, but then there's the notch.

      It's just so awkward. I can't get over it.

      But then I remember that the original iPhone had many supposedly fatal flaws (remember how it didn't even support copy and paste?) and I loved it anyway. Can I love the iPhone X? Should I embrace the notch? Or should I skip a generation and hope Jony Ive comes to his senses?

    • My suspicion is that it will take a while for app developers and web developers to adapt to it. It will be interesting to see if everyone just decides to ignore it, and use a smaller viewport.

      I'm leaning towards waiting and seeing how long it takes for people to reach some convention.

    • I actually think that in order to sell this marketing as "edge-to-edge" screen Apple had to cut corners and push something out that isn't fully developed. Although in my opinion the issue isn't with the hardware but rather with the OS level implementation.

      This is good news because it is something that is fixable over the air down the road. For that reason alone I wouldn't hesitate too much and just preorder it. The hardware is solid and the software will be patched in the future.

    • The notch is awful, but the cameras! Oh my God. I never imagined you could get such amazing video and stills in one small unit. As a photographer, must. Have!

    • I'm also in wait and see mode for the same reason. One of my big concerns is landscape mode and how apps that utilize that mode will deal with the notch. I think some apps will get creative with this, but I don't know what patterns will emerge as standard practice.

    • $999. Srsly? iPhones are definitely cooler than Android at my high school but I don't know if I can get one. I hope my parents are feeling generous.