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    • I wasn't going to post this today because I was tired and wasn't feeling like it. Trying to figure out what abilities I'm grateful for - how can anyone not be grateful for all of the abilities they have? Then I was struggling trying to figure out what image to use for any one of the many abilities I'm grateful for.

      So as I sat here tonight, culling images, deleting unneeded images from a couple years ago I came across this image. I actually used this for the word Bully in a photography scavenger hunt I lead over on Google+ (yes, Google+).

      What abilities am I grateful for? My ability to see the world in ways many people do not. Photographically and personally. The ability to be grateful for all of my capabilities and abilities. So many of which I and so many others take for granted.

    • This one is hard for me and sent me pondering. I agree with you that to see and understand is the ability I'd love to have most, but it makes me ask "to what end?" Is it to help me not get offended, to forgive and forget, to empathize and love? I hope it does that.

      Sometimes I stare at the ceiling and wonder if I ever will understand some things. Why do I love motorcycles? I've never wanted to love them, I just do.

    • Thanks Lora Lee - if I hadn't been culling images and seen this one, which was only ever posted privately for a scavenger hunt, I never would have had the inspiration for this post yesterday!

    • I'm a few days late, but when I think of all the ways I'm fortunate in life and how much I owe to my various abilities, it's hard to escape the thought that very few of my successes would have been possible if I hadn't had the ability to fail.

      It's not a physical ability, so it feels like a bit of a departure from your question, but I think it fits the theme.

      I was born into a relatively privileged position: a healthy white male in a middle-class American family. I've failed many times in my life — sometimes in ways that could have left me unemployed and homeless, or burdened with medical debt, or even in prison — but the ability to try again, often thanks to the societal privileges I have that others don't, has meant that I've been able to recover and learn from my failures in ways that many people don't have an opportunity to.

      I feel both grateful and guilty about this. I wish everyone could have the societal privileges I was born into. I wish I could say I'd gotten where I am without benefitting from them.

    • This is amazing. I don't think the question was limited to physical abilities. Failing in life is such an important part of growing in life. I hear you on the societal privileges also, at least it sounds like you appreciate them, don't take advantage of them, or use them to put down others. Not sure that's worded right to convey what I mean.