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    • You know, we were so busy and caught up in 2018, and starting to have these systems and processes in place... I didn't set goals, I'm not one of those who's saying "Next year I'm gonna do this!" but you feel a great sense of satisfaction in hitting these milestones that are impressive. It's wonderful to help so many organizations out there, to get so many volunteers out there. When we created Plant a Tree day, we got 1,000 people out, and 10,000 trees planted in a day - that was pretty cool. Seeing so many people rallied across so many different states and places.

      Milestones are awesome, but engagement is what underlies everything. Part of our mission is to really engage with people, to inspire them to get out there and feel the dirt, feel their connection with nature. 1.3 million trees planted is great, but having all these people come out and having such an amazing day, talking about what this means to them on a deeper level, it's that which gives us a deeper feeling of satisfaction - it's hearing from everyone who's involved and what this means for them.

      We have a very, very small team, and at the end of last year, our very tiny team has grown by just a little bit - 2 people. So that's a way we are celebrating - by growing our team, and scaling, and planning ahead - saying what we're doing is really effective, and we're having a positive impact. Let's talk about how we can make an even bigger impact. So this is helping us expand to grow even more this year!

    • There are lots of ways. Definitely go to our website and sign up for our newsletter - that's where we share all the latest stories of the projects we've completed, new events, and other fun things. You can also follow us on social media, where we share project photos and updates. And we have a Tree Ambassador program, for people who really believe in this mission - you can sign up here, and you'll get a series of emails giving you specific steps on how to engage. And just share the mission! Please share our blog posts, doing a Facebook fundraiser where every $1 plants a tree is a great way to get friends and family involved, or email us with your questions if you have them, or if you want to get involved - we are very responsive, and even have a chatbox on our site. We hope you reach out if you have your own ideas.