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    • So the Million Tree challenge - with what happened in California - it's hard to ask a single company for $1 million. But if we can ask 500 companies to pledge $2,000 - the premise is that California this past year had the biggest wildfires, and our hope is that in the future we will find an amazing project that needs 1 million trees, and we can count on these amazing businesses to support those needs in Indonesia or Brazil.

      This is our first year of doing the Million Tree Challenge. One Tree Planted was created to help businesses get involved in sustainability, as they can make such a huge impact if they build sustainability into their models, and so this campaign makes it super-simple for them to get involved - all they need to pledge is $2,000, but collectively they can make tremendous impact. By bringing together those 500 businesses, they can move towards that bigger common goal of 1 million trees planted.