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    • So I was in sustainable food packaging, and ran Canada for EcoProducts, the largest manufacturer of sustainable food packaging, so instead of styrofoam food trays, it would be a paperboard food tray, or instead of a styrofoam coffee cup you'd have a paperboard coffee cup. A coffee cup is traditionally 4 cents, and our coffee cup was 1 or 2 cents more and were compostable, and we'd always get pushback that people didn't want to pay that difference. Our coffee cups were lined with a PLA lining instead of a petroleum lining, so they were actually compostable unlike many coffee cups. So big companies and chains would say that they didn't want to do it just because it was a LITTLE bit more - but then they would say "We want to do more to help the environment!" I said to a really large grocery chain, one of the biggest, when this came up, as the catalyst for this, I said "Put point of sale throughout your stores that you're banning styrofoam, making a commitment, but letting consumers know they have to pay 5 cents more. You'll get great visibility and PR, but you need to be the first to go there!" but they wouldn't do it. So that's when they said "Well, we wish we could do more!" and then I said "Well, plant trees man! You can make a difference." There was a company that planted a ton of trees as a goodwill effort, planting 100,000 trees last month, for a sustainability effort. And they said "That's a great idea, you start that charity, and we'll be your first customer."

      So I decided to start this charity to make it easier for businesses to do more for the environment. So I did in 2014.