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    • Davist,

      I really loved your Heroes Journey presentation. Finding Nemo is such a classic and was the perfect story to use for this project. I can tell you put a lot of work into it, and it paid off! I loved the pictures that you used as it really worked with each slide. I also liked how you added links to the actual video in it. The turtle is one of my favorite characters, and the quote you used was perfect. It took me right back to childhood. One suggestion I would use is the use of transitions in your slides. You used the word after quite a bit on one slide. It made it sound a little repetitive. You did a great job, though!

    • Hello Tyler, It is evident you are passionate and very knowledgeable about trading stocks. Your insight and explanation of the different ratios was very helpful. I also enjoyed your graphics, they were relevant to your topic and positioned well on each slide. The only thing I found I would have changed, is using a company that you did have all the true facts for. Nice job!