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    • I am currently reading "An Audience of One" by @unmistakableceofrom @unmistakablecreative
      Someone sent this to me anonymously and wow, it's so perfect for where I am on my own journey.

      This morning as I was reading through, this passage (actually a quote from someone else) struck me as kind of perfect for all of us at times. "Creativity begins with an impulse, but it is the practice that hones the form. Having a creative practice makes the time, space and energy - a routine over time - that is necessary to formulate a creation. Making creativity a routine practice can assist you in overcoming resistance to your own creative impulses. Rather than becoming bogged down in trying to create something specific or achieve a certain outcome, simply begin the practice and engage the energy that arrives. Take the photo, write the sentence, move the body, sing the note, press the piano key, moisten the paintbrush, plant the seed; begin." ~ @tamilynnkent

      The image I've included I shot this morning. I was writing as I do every morning and looked out the patio door and saw this. When I finished my writing I took the camera and went out and shot it. Action. I took action. Don't overthink it, just grab the camera and shoot. It does not always have to be a masterpiece, technically perfect or even a good image. The action of grabbing the camera and shooting, that's it, sometimes that's all it will take to get you motivated to shoot more.

    • Thanks for the book recommend. I wasn't aware of it but love to hear suggestions like this because who has time to read all the things? It's nice to get suggestions from real people about the books they love. I never know what's behind a book review, whether it was the job of the reporter or perhaps the publisher or author is behind some Amazon review?

      I looked up the author, Srinvas Rao. He has a popular podcast and he wrote this article about creativity, which gives some idea of how he thinks. The part that resonates with me is what do you do when you wake up and don't feel creative today? I'll check to see if the library has a copy.

    • it's really resonating with me at the moment and I will likely read it a second time to highlight/make notes. I also just started mentoring other photographers so it's useful from that aspect as well to help motivate and teach others. Glad you found this useful.