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    • Spent 14.5 hours on the bike yesterday, big ride up to Norcal wine country with freeway, back roads, dirt & gravel roads, plus some pretty serious jeep roads. One of the guys I rode with in Norcal was a very special rider and could do this even with the auto transmission, using the paddle shifters. You can see him shift to second in the first wheelie to regain lift:

      Had a great time with the bike.

    • By the way, I dropped it once on a hill with the handlebars lower than the wheels on the hill... We had speculated about whether any of us could lift it if we dumped it, so I was skeptical but alone so I had no choice but to try. It came right up without a big strain, even with the gas tank pretty full. πŸ’ͺ

    • You could now probably get a Stelvio for an Ozzie song, and you will love it. It's the kinda bike that gets better and sweeter with miles. Definitely not for seasonal owners. Tall, heavy, reliable, full of character, and fun! Mine has 93,000 miles now. I can hook you up with the best Guzzi mechanic of Oz, in Bungendore if you don't already know him. Oh, and it's 8V. ;-)

    • I was taught long ago a trick, whenever possible to drag it around until it becomes on the "correct" slope side prior to lifting it. That of course would add some scratches perhaps.