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    • I finally published it. 😁 I gained a lot of respect for the bike over the two months I had it, and hearing from owners like I did.

    • Very cool video, nice film locations, cool folks you interacted with, and good fun you all have had reviewing the bike. Loved the dog, sitting calmly in the side car, so cool, hahaha!

      As for the bike, though I once was a big fan of Honda, I moved away from them with my last gear driven valve train VFR 800, once they went to V-tech valve system, too much gadget for the sake of gadget, in my opinion not really necessary. And I was less attracted by their modern aesthetics. Then I went to the dark side.. lol.

      As for the dash electronic sophistication of the Africa Twin, I reckon it's nice to have many options but give me simple selections for all major functions, so I can easily learn and use first hand.

    • I know, right? It has to stir the soul, not just move the body. Chris you should get a V85TT to test! I hear they're selling like hot cakes. And here's the rub: Guzzi dealers are few and far in between, whomever owns one, is in an exclusive class of few, capable to maintaining it themselves. I learned that the hard way over the course of last five years... after I did my first, ever, fly and ride across country!