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    • Let me ask you a question since you’re quite knowledgeable about recycling.

      Should we even recycle paper? It means less trees being replanted. And paper trash is biodegradable so what’s the problem with it ending up in landfills?

      What am I missing?

    • I am definitely not an expert. I am just very interested. So these are my thoughts and personal opinions.

      Here are some factors to consider, but I am not a scientist so these could be legitimately disputed.

      I think that paper is made from unused wood products from making lumber and other wood products. If I remember from other reading we have plenty of by-products to make paper since we actually need less paper now than we used to. Think about how much less mail you receive (or should be receiving 😀) and how much paper the average business uses now compared to several years ago. Look at how we now need a lot less file cabinets.

      So I don't think we are changing the amount of trees planted when we recycle paper.

      And if we recycle paper I think is better environmentally than creating paper from the wood by-products. And although a single piece of paper does biodegrade, in my experience that takes a while. And I don't think it can biodegrade if it is mixed up with plastics or other non-biodegradable items. So to keep the paper separate it should be recycled. Then if there is a problem recycling it then at least it can biodegrade more easily.

    • There's an Internet trend I love, #TrashTag, with inspiring photos popping up everywhere. The only thing I wince about is they're using plastic bags to contain all the plastic.

      (This guy is joking about the reverse, but you get the idea.)