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    • Black and white photography has incredible impact when done right. From reading Ansel Adams coffee table books to guides on how to shoot in black and white, I’ve been fascinated for a long time by the images you can create in monochrome.

      It’s been a long time since I took photos in this medium. Back when the first digital displays came out for film cameras, I shot a lot of landscape and nature shots using Fujichrome Velvia, which oversaturated the images to full effect. I like images that pop, and the full effect of color or the opposite extreme of black and white tends to be my preference.

      I recently picked up a new phone (sorry @vegasphotog but I stuck with the iPhone brand, even though your review of the LG dual screen phone had me tempted). The difference in color photo quality compared to my old phone’s camera didn’t really jump out at me because I’m not a lighting pro like @Glenn_Smith , but when I used the slider to display it in black and white (see below), I was blown away.

      So in the interests of starting a new weekly photo challenge theme that I’d be up for participating in,

      Show me your black and white photography!

      Photo credit: @StephenL

    • Happy to oblige. Here is a lunchtime scene at the top of the cable car ride in Funchal, Madeira. If it were not for the pronounced shadows you would not know it was a rather bright and hot day.

    • Incoming high tide, lots of wind on the North Atlantic. 6 Stop ND filter with a polarizer

      Long shutter speed 2->4 seconds - triggered after the water/wave is already receeding....

      A fairly steep beach helps too....

      You can get your feet wet often if you aren't careful or wearing wellies ( us Yanks would call them Muck boots ).

      You end up throwing away lots more than you keep, but I did get better at it after a couple hours - practice helps your eye to anticipate what you are going to capture.

      I don't carry wellies in my luggage when I am flying across the pond though.......A lot of folks wear them flying to Alaska on Alaska Air from SeaTac, but I've never seen anyone wearing Wellies in Heathrow Airport. I do bring gaiters to cover the tops of my boots and my feet stayed dry, but I had several companions who were knee deep in salt water with normal ankle high hiking boots......The North Atlantic is pretty cool this time of year too.

    • Keeping with the coffee theme... this is from a trip to Ecuador. I was going for a film noir effect, more in the setting than in the lighting style.

    • I went back through my LR catalogue searching for phone images in monochrome and found a few more - I don't generally edit phone images as thoroughly as I do DSLR images, but there are exceptions - I find both style tools are useful and can create what I find to be lovely images.

      This image was grabbed with an iPhone in a friend's basement complete with the expected basement background of heating ducts, wires, and other detritus. After looking at the image, I decided it needed a better presentation - hence B&W with a new cleaner simpler background. I gave my friend a large copy of this image.

    • I will admit to only using an iPhone . I have a “real” camera and sadly it’s been years since I charged it, never mind used it. Maybe in the new year.

      This was two weeks ago as fall/ winter was fighting it out!

    • Thanks for participating in this week’s

      W&Bshot Wednesday.

      This conversation is now locked 🔒 and will reopen on Wednesday of next week.

      Until then, keep looking for great shots to share.

    • It’s Wednesday in Australia, so that means

      the doors are unlocked 🔑

      and it’s time for another

      W&Bshot Wednesday!

      This time, I decided to be a bit whimsical with my entry—kids were about this weekend.

      But it’s up to your muse what you decide to share!

    • Here is a view of the Kelpies, just west of Edinburgh.

      Shot near the completion of 15 days of wandering throughout Scotland from the Isle of Skye, to Glencoe, on to the Isle of Harris and Lewis, and then down south towards Hadrian's Wall and Bamburgh Castle

    • Very nice.

      I've noticed that photos shared via smugmug are much sharper on the whole than those directly uploaded. When I look at photos I've uploaded beside the same photo on my desktop, there's a big difference.

    • I mostly link my images so I've not really paid much attention to a difference between a linked file and an uploaded file - so I downloaded the image I linked from smugmug above, to my desktop and will then upload it via the camera button in this text box and we can directly compare them. If anything the downloaded file should be worse since jpgs degrade with multiple saves if I recall correctly. Anyway, here goes

    • @Apocryphal - I don't really see much difference myself, how do you perceive the sharpness of both images of the Kelpies - the first was a direct online link, and the later one was directly uploaded to Cake.

    • @Pathfinder I don't see any difference on my monitor. I haven't seen any differences between linked and uploaded files here except for the inability to resize linked images.

      If you download an image from smugmug (or anywhere), save it to your local computer, then upload that same file here, there isn't any further jpg degradation. Even if you opened the smugmug file (say with Photoshop) and saved the file again without making any changes to the file (jpg to jpg), there is no further compression or loss. However, if you made changes to the image or used a "save as" command, then yes, there could be damage. Also, repeated jpg saving within the same editing session doesn't introduce additional damage. It only happens when the image is closed, re-opened, edited and saved again.

      Anyway, I love these horse heads!

    • I stand corrected about jpg saving, thank you for correcting my misstatement. I knew editing was involved along the path somewhere, but had forgotten that specific thread of events involved in image degradation, versus simple file opening and copying and saving.

      Glad you liked the Kelpies - they were stupendous in person.

    • I don’t notice a difference between the kelpie images, at least not on my phone. But I do notice a big difference between pictures I’ve uploaded to Cake vs the same image still on my hard drive, even though I’m looking at them on the same screen. Is it my imagination? Do they only look blurry in preview? Maybe I should try a screenshot of them side by side.