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    • CNET took the Echo Auto for a test ride, and they came away disappointed.

      One of the most significant downsides is that asking for directions from Alexa doesn't work without having to tap on a phone to confirm. That is the essential feature while driving. If you have to take the phone out, you might as well ask Siri or Google for directions.

      Loud wind noise can also overpower the microphones on the Echo Auto, making it useless as seen in the video:

    • I really think the knobs and buttons of the 1950s cars are pretty hard to improve upon - with a little use you don't have to look at them while using them, they always work the same way. Wind noise has no effect, nor does sunlight shining in the car.

      I would love a head unit that would allow you to program the buttons or knobs to your personal program selections ( while parked ) and then just use the knobs for selections and the rotary knobs for volume and on/off. Simple, easy, safer.

      Too many gadgets now need you to look at their screen while you're hurtling down the asphalt surrounded by tons of metal all moving 70 mph or better.

    • I feel your pain. I have been battling pairing my Echo dot at home to my soundbar with my voice. I was able to do it twice and now every time after I have to manually pair through my phone app. I believe the fact that both WIFI and Bluetooth use unlicensed spectrum creates a bit of havoc when competing with signals bouncing all around. Thank God they are open or we would be paying for it but for right now it does seem to have its limits.

    • Don't feel bad, Chris. I was at an Automotive conference this past week and a respected Automotive Analyst admited on stage he couldn't get his Echo Auto to work either. As far as my own car is concerned, you won't see any of those extra wires dangling around inside my cabin. Doesn't appeal to me. As for Car Play. I am not a fan. I accidentally enabled it on my rental car last month and it disabled too many valuable apps, including Waze, that you can safely use while driving and safely access from the rental car's native interface (in this case a Ford).