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    • Dear Cake developers, you may be aware of this or maybe it's just me? I doubt it's me as I was able to re create this few times (unintentional), and so I thought I'd share it if it helps anyone.

      Creating posts first time seems the site behaves different vs. editing existing post or even same post before draft was actually published. What happens, uploading an image seems to take and is confirmed upload was OK, but when posting it, no image is shown.. As side note, I tried including web link before and since pic didn't embed (link too long or some such glitch) I reverted to trying to upload it. And that is how I found out it breaks it. So steps to recreate:

      1/ Create a new post (but do no post it yet)

      2/ edit it and add a https:.... .jpg link

      3/ Change your mind and delete the image link embed attempt ;-)

      4/ Upload a .jpg from your local disk

      5/ Note the completed upload, site says it is OK

      6/ Publish the post and notice - is the image there or not?

      I use chrome for Windows if it helps to know.