This image is the black and white version of actress Ruth Reynolds' portrait to be used in an upcoming composite image -  Live, Laugh, Love ! from my "Models and Murals Collection".

Starting back in 2006 when Ruthie, as she is known to her friends, was with a model and talent agency and a student at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, I have had the privilege of photographing her over the years. She was an aspiring actor and wanted to go to California and give it a whirl. She did so and has done very well. She also aspires to direct. Given her determination, I believe she will become a well respected director in the future.

It has been very gratifying to see Ruth's dreams come true!


This image was taken 6-18-2009 at Zilker Gardens in Austin, Texas on a very hot day of about 100° F. She is standing at the exit of a small stone tunnel. I placed an original Gary Fong Lightsphere, similar to this -, on a speed light that was on a light weight light stand. This light was placed inside the tunnel to Ruth's left side. This was triggered by a Pocket Wizard. The light when triggered would bounce around the tunnel and become a hair light for the back of her head and also illuminate her jaw line.

My camera was mounted on a Custom Bracket QRS-35-PJ, no longer made. It is very similar to this Custom Bracket - . It held the flash above the camera to cut down on "red eye" and allows the camera to be rotated on a special mount either horizontally or vertically while holding the bracket horizontally. The flash remains above the camera. This bracket also held the Pocket Wizard Transmitter. The bracket was very popular with wedding photographers. My bracket model was a lighter weight photo-journalist bracket.

The speed light on the Custom Bracket had a small Lumiquest diffuser on it. See - . I have always had a speed light on my camera bracket even when using external speed lights on stands. I do not always use it but it is available to add just a "kiss" of light to the models face to bring out some color or add some catch lights to the eyes. The camera speed light would be set to manual mode and from experience the power output would be set somewhere between 1/128, 1/64, or 1/32. Also, depending on the situation the speed light may not be pointed directly at the subject.

I was very close to Ruth's face when I took this image. I may have had the camera speed light pointing to my right so as to bounce off the gray colored rocks onto her face as a fill light? Nonetheless, the power would have been very low and going through the small diffuser.

This "Kiss of Light" through a diffuser has worked well for me over the years. It is almost imperceptible but you will see a difference when processing your images.

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