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    • This probably sounds silly but I wonder how much quieter the city might feel w/o the honking noise pollution.

      I experienced 8 days of no honking in New York. I was staying in a hotel in Times Square on 9/11. We were unable to leave the city for 8 days and for those 8 glorious days there was almost no honking. Even taxis slowed down for pedestrians and waved us through.

      After those 8 days, we took a train to Philadelphia and the traffic was hustling there as if nothing had happened in New York. It was amazing what culture shock we experienced. It took us 3 days to re-adjust to the hustle we had always known.

    • Unfortunately I don't have data to share about the impact of Number Coding in Manila traffic. Until recently, the implementation was on a per-city basis (Metro Manila has 16 cities) and it's hard for a non-driver like myself to be aware of when/where it's in effect. I believe the Metro Manila Development Authority is also conducting tests of various schemes these past months, and I haven't been keeping track. Sorry @apm.

    • I appreciate your taking the time to respond to my question @anjocerdena even if you don’t have all the answers. I know that Manila is the most densely populated city in the world. So it’s extremely relevant to the rest of the world how the Metro Manila Development Authority’s experiments in congestion management turn out.

    • That does not look so radical (at least not in a good way) to me.. There just are too many dollars to be made in playing games, rather than do something really evolutionary, imho.