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    • You may have missed this, maybe the US media kept it quiet, who knows...but the Japanese were protesting earlier this year

      Instead of forming a picket line, protesting bus drivers in the Japanese city of Okayama have been completing their routes – but not taking fares from passengers.

      The dispute between workers and the Ryobi bus company reportedly began after a rival bus service launched in April, offering cheaper fares. Worried drivers called for more job security, according to Japanese media. When that wasn’t agreed, they covered the ticket machines on buses and refused to take fares from passengers.

      In a nutshell Japanese bus drivers kept Japan on time, and only cost the bus company money by adding fuel cost on top of lost fares.

      Well done Japan, well of the world this is how you protest

    • I remember living in Central London during bus driver strikes and all it would do is cause chaos because they refused to drive, this is double impact to the company but not the paying passengers.

    • it's a very fine line. doing the right thing in society vs. personal interests and not allowing to be walked all over by some who actually only care about profit..

    • This sort of protest has happened a few times down here. The machines are turned off and the passengers get to ride the bus or train for free. It hurts the company or government department right in the walket, but doesn't disadvantage the customer.

    • This is a perfect solution for protesting companies, yet doesn't disrupt daily life like public service disruptions can cause. While still being polite and not looking like jerks to protest!

      This needs to be adopted more around the world. Protesting without the chaos is a perfect idea!