On Feb. 17, 2018 a wonderful new mural containing approximately 46 individual portraits by artist Chris Rogers was dedicated in East Austin on the north-east corner of 12th and Chicon Street. It took Chris from Dec. 2017 to Feb. 2018 to complete the mural.

Mural's History

On this same wall Chris had painted in 2014 a mural containing images of several musical talents. The people of the East Austin community felt it was a very positive work of art that brought people together. In May of 2017, the building's new business occupant painted over the mural in white. This was a huge misstep as the community was outraged.


Dedication - https://goo.gl/LUa9Xe

Previous 2014 Mural - https://goo.gl/ngCD7i

In 2017, Austin’s black cultural district, Six Square, gained conservatorship of the wall for the next three years from the building's owner and business owner leasee.

Six Square painted a quote from the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall on the wall while seeking community feedback for a new mural replacement.

Temporary Mural - https://goo.gl/u1kNtz

The resulting mural has more women representation, local community members shown and as mentioned approximately 46 individual portraits!

Photographing The Mural

Photographing this mural panorama was done by taking a series of overlapping vertical format images. I filled the frame with as much of the mural as possible for each shot. I had to stand in the middle of the street to take the images. After an image was taken, I would side-step a few steps and take another image while keeping my distance constant from the mural.

I thought the mural was of such good quality that I individually photographed many of the portraits it contained.

The individual vertical images were stitched together in Lightroom and then brought into Photoshop for using various transform tools to stretch it into a rectangle form, remove power line shadows and add a blue canvas as background for the image.

The resulting image is as if you are viewing the mural without power line shadows, parking signs, utility boxes and street light poles.

Lightbulb Moment !

I took several vertical series of images of the mural to make sure that one of the panoramas would turn out okay. In stitching several of the panoramas together I noticed one in which Lightroom had removed a utility box and I could see behind it as if it were not there.

This panorama sparked my interest to see if I could remove power line shadows , parking signs, utility boxes and street light poles. I could as it turned out as shown below. The trick was to bring in the individual portraits I had shot without any obstructions in front of them. I would open up the individual portraits in Photoshop and bring them in as a layer of the panorama. I would use the transform tools to make the individual portrait fit over the obstructed panorama portrait. A mask was applied and a soft edge brush was used to take away unneeded parts of the individual portrait and blend in with the existing panorama. This was repeated with the other obstructions.

The resulting image is a good representation of what an unobstructed view of the mural would be. Had I know before hand I would have been attempting to do this, I would have taken more individual portraits from various angles to make the job of editing easier.


Mural Artist - Chris Rogers - http://www.chrisrogersartist.com

Facebook - https://goo.gl/9Qaw5A

Newspaper - https://www.statesman.com/

Photographer - Paul Johnston

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