Replying to @zorxique

I am glad you had an enjoyable ride but I want to correct one statement in your report, so that your readers won't be misinformed, as you were. Drinking beer during a hot summer century ride is a bad idea, and increases your risk of heat injury significantly, because it dehydrates you through increased urine output.

Drinking alcohol ( as in beer or wine or other drinks ) increases dehydration and hence the risk of heat stroke. Drinking alcohol in hot weather is a prime contributor to heat injury.... Ask any ER doc.

One beer won't kill you, but plain water would be much safer and more hydrating to a rider on the highway in the hot sun. And I do LIKE and drink beer, occaissionally!!

But not when actively working hard in the hot sun in the morning - better at the end of the day when one is no longer working hard and out of the hot sunshine, and has access to water and a fan.

A list of medications which can contribute to heat injury is found in the following paper - I note that alcohol is not specifically listed, but I do know that physicians all recognize the dehydrating effects of imbibing alchoholic beverages, like beer.