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    • I've been wondering if I should watch this movie. Now I'm sold. Thank you for the recommendation @seamusshay!

    • Seamus... You really did it now. I found it on Amazon streaming around 11 when I should have been drifting off, and I couldn't resist watching the first 5 minutes to get an idea. 2 hours later with every hair standing on end, I had too much adrenaline to sleep. When I finally did, it entered my dreams.

      The thing is, I worked as a geophysicist up there with a crew of 60 people, including drillers. The story hit close to home. But I think for anyone it'd be a heart-stopping, difficult thriller to watch. But I'm glad I did.

    • What surprised me is how quickly it came and went in the theaters by me. Because of the vistas seeing it on a big screen was well worth it.

      I agree it is difficult at the end, however it is important to know the whole story.

    • I watched "Spotlight" again last weekend. It's about the Boston Globe exposing the Catholic Church heirarchy knowing about, and concealing, paedophile priests. Very good, great cast, and deals with the subject matter very tastefully.

    • I LOVED Spotlight! For whatever reason, I like true stories better than fiction. It makes me feel like I'm learning useful things. And journalism fascinates me because I think it is so very important. Truth is there, it's just really hard to get close to.

    • next on the list is "Hidden Figures" , based on a true story of african american women working for Nasa: I really enjoyed it.

    • Just watched Wind River over Thanksgiving weekend. Wonderful recommendation @seamusshay, thank you. Must watch. Warning: be prepared to cry.

    • Last night I watched the new HBO documentary about Ben Bradlee, the legendary editor of the Washington Post. Loved. It. I watched it because I liked Spotlight so much.

    • great article and interview... watched "the big short" last night...

      If you haven't seen it, check it out. It does a great job of explaining the whole sub prime mortgage cluster fuck that broughtg recession to the world.

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