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    • I never considered myself to be a human recycling machine, however, the average person can consume up to 1769 particles of micro plastics per week just from drinking water.

      What’s wrong with this planet?! 😡

    • I found that article interesting, but it raised more questions than answers for me.

      Tap water and/or bottled water was reported to lead to an average person ingesting 1769 microparticles of plastic per week. Ingestion of non-soluble particles would normally lead to their passing through the gut and being eliminated, but the artlicle leads one with the impression that they are entering our body, but doesn't actually state that, nor deny that. Hmmm.

      Most of my personal drinking and cooking water is filtered by a Reverse-Osmosis membrane, which I believe won't pass non-soluble particles, so does this suggest I am missing out on all these plastic particles? Or am I just eating GoreTex membrane particles?

      The next largest source of weekly ingestion of plastic particles was shellfish with a graphic image of a shrimp - but shell fish is a generic term for many marine species, many of which are filter feeders - like clams, which one might suspect would tend to filter and concentrate small non-soluble particles. And one might wonder whether these plastic particles are within the cell structures of the filter feeders, or merely on their externmal surfaces? If they are concentrated in shrimp as well, again are they on the outer surface or within the cellular matrix of the shrimp.

      As I said, there article raises more questions than it answers.. It doesn't seem like plastic ingestion is a good thing, but no suggestion is made how to minimize one's exposure or what one might do to decrease one's exposure to microplastic particles. Maybe wear less polyester and rayon?

      Somewhere I read a thread where the poster calculated how many millions of tons of tires enter the atmosphere and the local roadway dirt as billions of tires are wore down on the roadway each year on all the countries of the globe.

      The US seemed to have the highest concentration of plastic particles in its tap water.

      I doubt there is a simple, quick effective, safe and inexpensive solution to these issues - I wonder if the best we can do is to keep it from continuing to get worse. 🥺