Of all days, today I have a perfect reason to go out and run:

I find it to be the best way to clear my head and enjoy nature. Slow, long and sceinic runs are the key elements to keep my sanity and appreciate the bigger world.

When I think back of some of the best places I have ran, one of them stands out them most. Last year I was lucky enough to run from Tahoe City to Squaw Valley and back on a bike / run path enjoying some of the amazing natural landscapes. Running along the river into the valley with snowy mountain peaks. What more could I ask for?..

If you are visiting Tahoe, California, it is a wonderful place for a stroll or just a walk:

I wish I could magically teleport there for a run today... Alas, I'll go for a run later tonight closer by, but sure we'll be dreaming of that place. Below is my favorite shot from the run.

Will you go out for a run today? Where would you go? Do you have a favorite trail?