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    • Just bought a MB Pro 2017 because my beloved 2014 suffered spontaneous catastrophic failure. Of course, I had to copy @baldy and get myself a 1TB version.

      Anyways. I just can't get used to the keyboard and trackpad. Granted it's been only a few hours but man - anyone else feel like the design's going backwards?

      And that touch bar- I can't just "rest my fingers" on the keyboard - shit gets hit and then the whole thing goes to hell.

      Damnit apple.

      Oh and don't get me started on the 200$ of dongles.

    • Eventually Cake will have an emoji picker. In the meantime, you can press Cmd + Ctrl + Space to bring up macOS’s emoji picker. It works great on Cake! 💁

    • Heh. I actually bought the 2 TB version because I was so tired of hanging drives off the side. 💵 💰💎.

      I have never been as frustrated as I was trying to type with it, because it seemed the cursor would jump to a new place on the page as I was typing. I'm a pretty good typist but thought I must somehow be grazing the ultra-sensitive and BIG touchpad with my thumbs as I typed. I tried adjusting its sensitivity.

      And then a Miracle happened. ⚡️ I tore open a soy sauce packet with my teeth and inadvertently squirted soy sauce on my keyboard. I tried to wipe it off but it seeped into the crevices and just like that my laptop was a $5,000 brick.

      I had also purchased AppleCare, so I took it to Apple. They said for a mere $1200 they could fix it and wipe my hard drive of anything I hadn't backed up. So I did and now I can type without the cursor jumping around! 💥

      Btw, I like it when apps like mail and messenger let you bring up an emoji bar.

    • Agreed. Touch bar on my 2017 MP Pro is garbage. As a programmer I miss the hard escape key and occasionally the F keys. The half size up and down arrows are a pain. Not to mention my keyboard already failed due to weak butterfly mechanisms in the keys.

      I'm dongling like crazy. I want to drive two 4k monitor, external mouse, keyboard, gigabit ethernet, headphones and sometimes card reader / hard drives. Every dock I've tried so far falls short. Ugh, $300 here I come.

    • Have tower / desktop computers fallen out of favour as laptops become more powerful?
      I have a 2010 MacPro and a 13"macbook. The macbook is faster than the macpro but I like the storage, easier to hook up to two screens for photos, better keyboard.... But it does take up a lot of space and is expensive to replace, lose portability...

      The MacPro does need to be replaced and I'm waiting to see what Apple brings out with the next gen macpro.

      The lack of connections on the macbooks is a pita.

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