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    • Yes, that’s something I am working on in the background. We often post photos of the art created by our beneficiaries on social media and all art is available for purchase by interested members of our audience. When someone does buy one of these pieces we send all the profits to the artist in Chile, so that’s a way to increase engagement among our audience while giving the artist more pride in their craft from a commercial point of view. I think many times we discount how traditional cultures express themselves through art, music or song. But when our audience shows interest that gives them strength and respect. We are always looking to showcase them in more and more places.

    • Good question. On our website, we have a link with details on how to get more involved. The charity is run pretty streamlined so the best way to get involved is to follow us on social media, give us ideas, and if you contribute, we have listed different ways the money can go towards our beneficiaries. The best thing to do is stay engaged with us. I’m always reading what we’re receiving through the charity on social and through feedback on our website, and we really do implement many ideas from our audience. We get a lot of great ideas of people who know the areas we are operating in or ways we could help even more. So we definitely want to stay in touch with our audience that way.