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    • Someone wisely noticed that 'every easy-to-use enterprise software is undistinguishable from malware'. When Zoom was in their growth hacking phase (basically from the start up to last few months), they cut a lot of corners in order to survive and gain market share. Finally, they made it, and became a verb ('let's zoom') and now they need to make amends for the sins committed in getting there.

      But, truth be told, they are handling it very well. They don't deny but admit errors, and move fast to correct them. Whomever is doing crisis management over there is doing a hell of a job, IMHO.

    • Hearing about zoom bombing made me move away from zoom. We use Google Hangouts now at work (though yes a few “outside” people are still using zoom)

      I have used Blue Jeans too - I have taught with it - even using it to lecture to China - and it’s a bit more cumbersome to set up but does work fairly well.