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    • Yep, Duo is pretty good for video, but not many people know about it, and it has no group video call for the web. I would guess most of iFolks use Facetime. Business use is a whole different ball game, Zoom is the rising star there, most of my business calls are on it. Internally we also use Slack for video calls. Although Slack is technically and feature-wise rather poor when it comes to video, we use it extensively for quick written communication, so it's easy to hop on.

    • It's not really a choice for me because it depends on the participants. In these past few months I end up using all sorts of video calling apps.

      My main job requires me to use Google Meets for meetings. My secondary job uses Microsoft Teams. Some professional bodies that I join uses Webex and Zoom for meetings. Webinar that I join mostly uses Webex, Zoom or GoToWebinar. GoToWebinar is really good for webinar because the host has control to not let new participants turn on their mic. I once had an interview via skype too.

      Google Meets is very lacking in features like "raise hand" and "poll", and the chat system is too basic. Teams has the best chat interface, with animated stickers and gif support, and members can "like" a comment which is useful for meetings. Sadly Teams is sort of invite only system. Webex has the benefit of not needing to create an account to join. Zoom is pretty cool but the recent scandal doesn't inspire confidence in the security.

      For personal use, my family prefer using whatsapp video call, some extended family prefer facebook messenger video call. The later is quite fun especially with kids, there are interactive games which are quite silly but fun. There's one that adds a virtual unicorn horn on your head, and rings will fall from the top, you move your head around trying to collect rings on your horn.