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    • I was very happy when the Bundesliga restarted games and happier still when the Premier League restarted. These games, like the ones coming for MLS will have no fans in the stadium. No doubt the lack of home team fans affects the outcome of games. But personally I'd prefer not to have fake fan noise broadcast for the televised games. I love watching ball handling skill and strategy in the games and the noise doesn't add value for me. I like hearing the commentary but when the fake noise drowns out the commentary, I'm just as happy muting the volume. What do you think?

    • I need to start watching again! Somehow my adaptations have been like we’re in a post-sports world.

      It feels like there is just no substitute for audience noise. It must put pressure on the announcers to be very exciting and informed. I used to love watching the Tour du France even though it stretched on for hours without meaningful audience noise, but the announcers were so good...

    • Baseball has tried the same thing. I dunno. Fake noise doesn’t really bother me, but it feels weird to me. We know nobody is there, so why try to put on this charade? Lmao 😂

    • Btw, the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL were under investigation for piping in fake crowd noise a few years back to make their stadium even louder. That was super weird.

    • The fake cheering on the Houston tv channel last pm sounded like loud irritating static. It drowned out the broadcaster. I will try another channel this pm if there is one. Unfortunately I need the commentary or I would just turn the sound off and just watch the game. I hope this message hits the right ears and there will be changes.