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    • Hey Blake,

      I started Adventure Rider years ago, a traditional forum that became popular, where the mods routinely split threads. They leave a link to the new thread to make it clear what happened and provide a way to get to it with a single click. Members usually like the splits.

      I've often wondered how to make that consumer friendly enough so that it's not just a mod function. We've talked about it several times at Cake but we always decide we have enough critical things on our plate for the time being and we'll circle back when we get a chance.

    • Hey Chris,

      Facebook has a pretty straight forward way of nesting threads (see screenshot). Something like this would satisfy my urge of having a side convo.

      I also love the way GitHub keeps track of references to an issue on any issue thread. Each reference is nested in chronological order, between the conversation posts.

      You guys are doing a great job of initiating the conversation, I just find myself losing interest when the threads go off topic.