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    • I do get where you are coming from but Tim Berners Lee is a bit more than just a celebrity in my estimation. Granted his baby, that indeed did come from government money, went off course but there is a substantial amount of work going into the Solid Framework which was born from his work at MIT and Inrupt which is a commercial venture. He is also the director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) which is a non-profit organization where they are working to build new standards for the web which will help it become more open and private at the same time.

      But certainly there are concerns. Mozilla has not signed off on the Contract for the Web proposed by Tim Berners Lee as they want to wait to see how the A level tech companies who are signatories of the contract will be held accountable for what they say vs. what they do. To my understanding Inrupt will not own the Solid Pods that will be built. The code will be open for developers to build and lease to users. I think they are going to make their money off the app community.

      I do agree though as we move through this long arc of the next phase of the web, we should find ways to take the wholesale ownership out of the hands of the corporations. Maybe the government should be more involved but which one? We are already moving toward different countries looking to setup their own web. Of course we won't have all the answers but if we don't continue to ask all the questions I am fearful where it will all go. Weaponized AI is not longer just stuff of fantasy.

    • I don't know how to fix things at planetary level either

      Speak of the devil... here's someone with concrete suggestions. I mentioned David Siegel in a post here, over a year ago, in reference to his work on the Personal Digital Locker concept. He has been up to many things since then, including a not very popular anti climate change hype stance, and here's his latest missive (if you get hit with Medium paywall, just open it in an incognito tab/page).

      It is definitely strongly opinionated, but well-articulated. I would be delighted to hear your takes on that piece and ideas therein.