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    • I've been running on Zwift for almost a year now ever since the early Beta version. Since the official launch, most bugs have been ironed out and the experience is very smooth. Many of my friends asked me how to get started and if I have any setup tips. So I've decided to share what I've learned.

    • You can run on Zwift by using Ant+ connection or a Bluetooth. I use Garmin Ant+ stick because it lets me pair my heart rate monitor and Stryd running power meter to Zwift. Bluetooth setup is even simpler, but you'll need a heart rate strap that is Bluetooth compatible such as Wahoo Tickr or Wahoo FIT.

    • Next you'll need a running power meter (I use Stryd) or a footpod (I use Garmin). For a while I used to run with a footpod, but in order to get an accurate pace and distance I had to calibrate it for a specific run pace. Running faster or slower would produce inaccurate results. So I actually bought 2 separate footpods for a different running pace. This worked for a steady running, but not for intervals.

      The solution was to buy a Stryd running power meter, which is expensive but much more accurate at any pace. I could finally do intervals on a treadmill with it.

    • Next step is to attach a power meter or a footpod to the shoe. Footpod lasts many months on a single battery while a running power meter such as Stryd needs to be charged often.

    • Now you are ready to launch Zwift. On the "Paired Devices" screen, you may have "Ride" mode selected, you'll need to switch it to "Run" mode.

    • Thanks for putting this together! I've looked around a lot and haven't found much information on getting set up.

      For the Stryd, do you find that you have the same FTP between cycling and running? Or are they not really comparable?

    • For the Stryd, do you find that you have the same FTP between cycling and running? Or are they not really comparable?

      From what I understand there isn't any connection between the two. In cycling it is all about maximizing power, while in running it is all about minimizing power for a specific level of exertion. So your goal is to improve the "running economy" by lowering the power required to run at a given pace.

      When it comes to the actual numbers my power is about 235 watts for a 7:30 mile run pace. My cycling FTP is around 280 watts.

    • Any treadmill will work with this setup since all of the information about pacing is being transmitted via footpod or a running power meter. In fact, you don't even need a treadmill. Just walking around the house within signal range will work.

      I use Proform Boston Marathon 4.0 treadmill, which is pretty advanced with a 15 mph (4 min / mile pace) max speed, incline of 20% and decline of 6% and tons of other features. As smart as this treadmill is, I don't use most of its features.

      When running on Zwift I set the incline to 2% to compensate for the outdoor wind resistance (most research suggests 1 to 1.5% incline). Occasionally I would manually speed up or slow down the pace by pressing the buttons on the treadmill. Zwift can't communicate with the treadmill so setting higher incline is pointless since any elevation gain will not register.

    • The only treadmill I know of that interacts with Zwift is Tacx Magnum. For a triathlete this is a dream machine. At almost $13,000 dollars and limited availability (only in Europe) it will continue being a dream for me as well ๐Ÿ˜‚