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    • I agree women seems comfortable with a women, may be its a natural phenomena with some cultural and security issues as well.

    • you could try my line that has woked so well in the past, I tell them I shoot for major magazines and felt their natural image should be seen by more people...with a corny tag line of "you are very beautiful/ handsome". If they are still not happy I show them the photo first and if they still object I delete it in front of their eyes

      This lady was objecting until she saw her own image then she walked away giggling like a little girl, and said thank you

    • This subject came up on another forum and the people who responded -- all of them male, I believe -- were angry and confrontational about being photographed without their permission. I think they assumed that the shooter would be a male. It would be very interesting to see how they responded to a female phoographer.