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    • Indeed HNY is an inspiration. i never faced any issue while shooting stranger except female, i never had courage to discuss a photo opp with a female, except at one place i was visiting known for colorful wardrobe of women. Family gave me access to their home after i had very good discussion about their life in desert. Women was so shy and got very confused due to my presence then i just clicked what i could.

    • I could put something together very similar, 'strangers in the crowd, Latin America', it might be unique to me, but I often take the shot then go and talk to them afterwards, this way I have something to speak about but my opening line is not, "I just took your photo".

      More of a general conversation with the camera hidden, then I might bring up the subject of taking their photo if it seems right, then I get a candid shot and a shot of how they feel they should be seen.