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    • The vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere arrives tomorrow. I don't know if we'll see more snow as we move into spring; for now the ground here is mostly uncovered. Some ridges of snow pushed up by plows remains, and I suspect there is still ice covering some of the ponds.

      It's early for flowers here but a few early spring blooms have started to pop. I managed to sneak through small trees and bushes at Stevens-Coolidge Place - my favorite garden just a mile and a half from home - to visit with some snowdrops yesterday afternoon. 

      The flowers aren't fully open yet, but it was wonderful to see them!

    • A pop of yellow caught my eye as I walked to my mailbox yesterday. There's a small patch of ground (facing south) where crocus bloom very early in the season.

      This is the only spot so far where I have seen crocus in bloom this season. I checked a field where a crop of crocus usually pops but nothing is showing there yet.

      I will keep looking...

    • I plan to add more flowers here as they emerge from their winter rest and decorate the spring with color.

    • I love this, @Denise! I hope it’s OK if I add...

      My 6yo grandson and I check this clump right outside the front door every morning before we walk to the school bus stop. We moved into this house last August, so we don’t know exactly what this little daff will look like when it blooms. Exciting!

    • With the spring arriving and the sunny weather warming up the trails, I went on a hike this weekend. So many wildflowers are popping up everywhere and I had to get a shot of them. Lucky I had my iPhone X and I think it did a decent job capturing the beauty of the wildflowers.

    • The top of the hill was full of sunlight and the flowers were lit up just right. At that point I was getting blown away with what my phone could capture.

    • Of your two photos I like this one best. The contrast between the open flowers and the about-to-open flowers is wonderful.

      I feel lucky that our cell phones have good cameras in them!

    • It is surprising to see wildflowers growing on a side of a paved walking path in the heart of Silicon Valley.

      @Chris introduced me to a cool technique of putting the iPhone in the “portrait mode” then backing away to let it blur out the background. Once the bokeh stabilizes you then quickly move the phone closer to the flowers and take the shot.

    • Very cool that you see these flowers near a paved walkway. That looks like Lupine to me - we have some in the garden where I volunteer too. Of course we are still months away from a bloom from these flowers here!

      Thanks for sharing the blur technique with the iPhone. I have an Android and the default camera app lets you specify a focus point - that seems to do the same thing.

    • It was a day for raindrops on snowdrops!

      The snowdrops aren't fully open but I still find them to be beautiful.

    • Comgrats on your conversation being FEATURED, @Denise . I always look forward to your latest images whenever I see a new conversation of yours in my timeline.


    • I agree! I’ve been reading some of the photo tips here from @Glenn_Smith and @JeffersonGrahamPhoto and I was wondering if I could remove the dark clouds from Drac’s photo to better see the flowers.

      I changed the image to Vivid and increased the lighting brightness by 0.29. It’s amazing how much you can edit the image with the barebones editor on my iPhone 5S.

    • I have completely ignored those edit buttons until now—I have always been an avid cropper, but color and light changes seemed like cheating. Hmmm... maybe it’s time for me to re-think that...

    • With the wet winter we've had in California, flowers are popping up everywhere. Yesterday, I was working near San Diego and had just enough time to drive out to the desert at Anza Borrego to catch a little of the superbloom going on there.

    • I've never been lucky enough to be in the west during the superbloom. Thanks for sharing the color!

    • This Sunday afternoon @Chris stopped by and we went on a walk to explore Santa Clara University campus. It has a beautiful Mission Garden with blooming trees: