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    • Wow, Doug, welcome to Cake. 🙂 What a photo to lead off with. Have you been there to see the statue by any chance?

      Your bio is very intriguing and fits us perfectly:

      Mountain Bike Rider, Trail Hiker, Picture Taker, Far Away Place Goer, Adventure Seeker, Stuff Doer

    • Hi! Thanks.

      I took that photo when I was in Afghanistan for a year while in high school. I wish I had a better camera, or at least bothered to use color film, but you never know what will matter in the future.

    • You were very lucky to see it before it was destroyed. The scaffolding really shows how big it is.

      When I first saw your post, I assumed these were in Syria because the destruction in Palmyra made the news more recently.

      I looked into your statue in Afghanistan. Here's what it looked like in 1832:

      It was originally covered in mud and straw with dyes like red. It must have been an amazing site. Here's what it looked like in 2018.

    • It's interesting that the statues had been trashed as far back as the early 1800's, and probably much farther back than that. I guess it makes sense to put them close together for a drawing, but they are actually so far apart that I never got them together in the same photo, even from miles away. I'll post more of what I've got later.