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    • Roadrunner

      ...been to Italy twice, and every time I go there I want to go back to see more. One of my favorite places this time was the Amalfi Coastline, and an area *next to* the Roman Coloseum (Antiquities area), as well as a Monastary in Naples - both of which we'd never even heard of before. I still need to get to Venice, and a lot of other places there. Here is a thread to share some of those places so others may choose where they'd like to go. This is the Amalfi coastline though it was a bit foggy that day.

    • Roadrunner

      Courtyard at the same Monastery. They put cast skulls on all the posts to remind them of their own mortality.

    • Chris
      Chris MacAskill

      Heh. In the modern era you don't need reminding of your mortality. All you have to do is go paragliding with @Kevin and you'll feel it every second. 🤩

      Italy. I could look at pics of Italy all day and never get bored. The country is SO AMAZING!!

    • Shay

      Stelvio Pass 2004,huge tick off the bucket list:

    • Chris
      Chris MacAskill

      I have a great world-traveling friend who believes Italy is the most fascinating country in the world, that you could spend a year in Rome and never get bored. One thing he said that stuck with me is you can tell a lot about a country by whom it honors with its statues. In Germany, for example, there are a lot of military heroes. In Italy, there are a lot of artists. And the gorgeous statues are everywhere.

    • gorudy

      oh em gee. I just went to Italy for the first time in October. IN LOVE. I've been to France over 50 times in my life, never once Italy until this year. It's amazing. The Italians were incredibly friendly.

      We did Positano >> Florence >> Milan. So many other places to visit next.

      Hard to pick which picture to post here. At least two different pizza's were front runners. Bless them for the Marinara pizza. My vegan girlfriend had a voracious appetite for those. That was new.

    • Roadrunner

      We were there this Fall also! And we also stayed in Positano...our now favorite hotel is there. It may even be in your picture!

    • Roadrunner

      You may certainly post more than just a couple of photos! I get tired of looking at mine LOL!

    • Andy
      Andy Williams

      Last time in Venice I was very lucky to experience "Acqua Alta"!

    • Roadrunner

      I'm sorry this has taken me so long to answer! We were recently in Australia, too - and just getting back to a somewhat normal schedule. I pulled out our materials and the name of the hotel was "Hotel Onda Verde Praiano." I can never remember that name LOL - but it was even better than a hotel that was supposed to be nicer. It was built into the side of the mountain - some halls were still rock. And it was beautiful! Here was one view from our room;

    • steve

      Corniglia, in the Cinque Terre, 2016. Not a day has gone by since that we haven't talked about going back...

    • Roadrunner

      Every time I see that picture, she reminds me of my sister-in-law who lives in Naples now. :D

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