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    • Be ready. You will start to see, if you have not already, the inclusion of online streaming of fitness services in fitness clubs, gyms and studios. Think, Peloton Cycle or Treadmill, SoulCycle, etc. The so-called traditional fitness clubs or studios will take advantage of online streaming to be able to connect with members, like you. Would you sign up for it?

      It's a debate in the fitness community the margins of such a thing. While the clubs and gyms want to attract and cater to all groups and individuals, some see streaming as a means to reach everyone which will of course help their bottom line (revenue), and others see it as a fad.

      My curiosity is whether convenience and simplicity translate to reaching fitness goals. Who doesn't want the choice to roll out of bed and do a fitness class one room away in the house, right? Perhaps you could do the fitness class with friends without actually being with them. LOL. On the other side of the argument, if you find it difficult to get motivated to go to the gym to do fitness or train, will not online streaming prove to have the same results- people who fall away and off the wagon and do not participate in fitness because it becomes to hard to actually push a button to stream fitness programs, liken to a button on a treadmill?

      Disclosure- I am for it. I would do it. You?

    • Not only would I work out via streaming videos or in a virtual class at my own house, but I already do 😝

      I've dedicated an entire room with multiple TVs to be my home gym that I can "go-to" whenever I want. Over the years I've been a member of many gyms, took classes and private lessons. Then I tried "follow along" video programs like P90X and Body Beast. I really liked them and the convenience of working out on my own time and at my own pace. This flexibility really transformed the way I look at integrating regular workouts into a daily routine. Less stress out about scheduling conflicts made it a lot easier to stick with it.

      For a couple of years now I've been regularly working out on Zwift which is a virtual game for cyclists and runners. Having a treadmill and a bike set up connected to the game helps me compete and train with friends all over the world from Canada, England and just across the town.

      I am a true believer that this is the future. One more thing... there is a next level of workouts that is being developed - Private Virtual Reality which is called Black Box VR Gym. Here is a video of it in action at CES 2018

    • This would be cool. I've talked about this for years. It'll be interesting to see how they pivot around user behaviors and use different price points. To often the latter kills products because they are to worried about generating revenue and making investors happy. I am seeing it right now with a couple wearables I can not name. But I hope this works out, literaly :-)

    • My girlfriend goes to the gym but also paid for a yearly subscription of videos to workout at home. It saves time, more convenient, flexible time wise (not always) and you don't have to worry about getting to the gym or looking good. Being at the gym can be a motivator for sure but how many people wanted to workout but just couldn't get themselves there? Lots of people.

      Programs like Zwift have been very successful. If you haven't heard of it, it's an online virtual world for people who want to bike or run with other people. I think Zwift is a model for future fitness and workouts. Versions of it are already done with rowing as well so why not other things?

      I had a girlfriend who was a fitness instructor and I can definitely see the advantages of having gym's hooked up with videos or live streaming of workouts from places all over the world. Some of their workouts are like rock concerts and definitely get those watching the video pumped up. I think it's much more than a fad.

    • Thanks. This helps me understand. I have heard of Zwift and a ton more like it. I love the tech and hope to see it come to fruition in a much greater capacity.

      Being in the fitness tech industry the biggest hurdle is CLV and retaining customers to consistently generate revenue.

      I’m hopeful to see a change (now)

    • I'm on Cake as a result of Zwift. I met Vilen biking in Zwift's virtual world just to give you an idea of how effective it can be. It just so happens that I go to California regularly but that's not how we met. Combine fitness social media type apps such as Strava and combine them with Zwift and you have a powerful combination. I've met well over a hundred Californians because of Strava. Many I've met in person and some I haven't.

    You've been invited!