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    • I went to Juganu's website, trying to discern what specific products they are offering. One thing I did notice, which I found off putting, is a mis-spelled word - Welbeing - on the bottom of this link, beneath Our Core Values

      I did see on a different page on this site that wellbeing was spelled correctly with two Ls. So the website creators do know the difference.
      Forgive me for being a bit of a "snoot", someone concerned with words, and their correct usages, lexicography and grammar, a term I learned from a book recommended here on Cake - "Nino and Me" by Antonin Scalia and Bryan Garner. Well worth reading and very entertaining.

      I would normally mention this issue to you, privately by PM or email, but Cake doesn't offer me either of those options of contacting you.

      I only mention this issue, because I suspect I am not the only person who may discount companies or businesses with poor spelling or grammar in their public documents and statements. It always feels to me like a bit of overlooking of details.

      Like this sign in a state park

    • Off Topic

      Pathfinder, since you mentioned "Nino and Me" did you see Garner's recent tweet regarding an interview which was held eight years ago in which Piers Morgan interviewed both of them?

    • I live in a tweet free Universe, by choice. So thank you for the head's up!

      Not certain if that is the right choice, but it feels like it to me.

      So, no, I didn't see it.

      I do recall the mention of an interview by Piers Morgan in the book - Mr. Garner stated that Justice Scalia was unfamiliar with Mr. Morgan ( p. 181, July 18 ) which I'm sure some thought rather humorous. Piers Morgan wasn't one of the amused, apparently.

      I will try to watch the interview later this afternoon or evening.


      I did watch the 3 episodes of Morgan's interview - interesting but not very informative or educational - read the comments by viewer's on youtube and you will find many who agree with me. I do wish the video quality of the file was much better also.

      I did find this interview of Justice Scalia at the Hastings College of the Law at the University of California, on March 17, 2011 -( long - almost 1.5 hours) - but a very erudite and enteraining interview of Justice Scalia where his personality and intellect REALLY shine. Much better than Piers Morgan's. The video quality is also very good, both audio and video.

      The interviewer, Professor Calvin Massey does a much much better job of interviewing Justice Scalia, and both men seem to enjoy their interaction, and each other's humor.

      "In Heaven there will be no Law,

      And the Lion will lay down with the lamb..."

    • We moved in April from a 1GB fiber connection in SOCAL to a 18/1 DSL connection here near Conroe Texas. The 18 down is actually adequate right now for our needs but Apple iCloud streams were killing us as the iCloud uplink would saturate the 1M and cause severe buffer bloat every few minutes and cause timeouts. I had to resort to bridging the DSL modem and installing my old Mikrotik router which qould create mangle rules on the prerouting to control the prioity of uplink queues. I think I finally have it tweaked right and no more saturation.

      Wife is happy she can watch her Hulu without interruption :)

    • He probably should have written "interviewed Justice Scalia and me". Since the people being interviewed are the object of the verb, "me" is the singular pronoun.

    • That sounds like a clever solution. I live in the very heart of Silicon Valley — Mountain View, skateboarding distance from Google's campus — and have Comcast's most expensive connection. Often I get 7/1 and sometimes less during the work day when everyone saturates the trunks with Zoom meetings. Makes it hard to do the livestream interviews I do during the day.

      In neighboring cities like Santa Clara, my friends get 1 gig connections, up and down, from AT&T, but Comcast apparently did a deal here to control the access points so AT&T and other providers can't get in. 😢

    • "I" is used most often in the place of a subject noun.

      When "we" could be used then the singular pronoun is "I".

      When "us" could be used then the singular pronoun is "me".

      It would not be appropriate to write "interviewed we" but it would be appropriate to write "interviewed us".