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    • I live in a tweet free Universe, by choice. So thank you for the head's up!

      Not certain if that is the right choice, but it feels like it to me.

      So, no, I didn't see it.

      I do recall the mention of an interview by Piers Morgan in the book - Mr. Garner stated that Justice Scalia was unfamiliar with Mr. Morgan ( p. 181, July 18 ) which I'm sure some thought rather humorous. Piers Morgan wasn't one of the amused, apparently.

      I will try to watch the interview later this afternoon or evening.


      I did watch the 3 episodes of Morgan's interview - interesting but not very informative or educational - read the comments by viewer's on youtube and you will find many who agree with me. I do wish the video quality of the file was much better also.

      I did find this interview of Justice Scalia at the Hastings College of the Law at the University of California, on March 17, 2011 -( long - almost 1.5 hours) - but a very erudite and enteraining interview of Justice Scalia where his personality and intellect REALLY shine. Much better than Piers Morgan's. The video quality is also very good, both audio and video.

      The interviewer, Professor Calvin Massey does a much much better job of interviewing Justice Scalia, and both men seem to enjoy their interaction, and each other's humor.

      "In Heaven there will be no Law,

      And the Lion will lay down with the lamb..."