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    • I am not a Patriots fan. But I will root for them. I absolutely admire and love winners. I am not a bandwagoner. No. I just appreciate and look up to winners and how they form strong habits that spawn winning. They have such perfect mental and physical habits that translate to a "will-do-anything" attitude to win at all costs, mental fortitude, undeniable work ethic, etc. Who doesn't want that? Losers...because if you don't win you lose- Right?

      In all seriousness, I love watching Tom Brady and the legacy of the Patriots perform. They are masters of schemes and execution. There will be others after Brady retires. There were many predecessors before him, like Montana. So right now, do you think Brady is the GOAT? Do you think he will be replaced? Perhaps he remains the GOAT since NFL players are dramatically shortnening their NFL careers on purpose and for good reasons.

      I think he is the GOAT. We shall see.

    • I think based on his championships - 8th Super Bowl and potential 6th ring - Brady is definitely the GOAT. I'm not sure what his other numbers are, but he has the ability to make average wide receivers into great WRs. He's easy to dislike, but you can't deny that since Brady came in for the injured Beldsoe, and the Tuck Rule (Raiders fans cringe), the Patriots have absolutely dominated the NFL.

    • He's so easy to dislike...but he's from the Bay Area... so I feel almost guilty for not getting on board the Brady train.

    • It's truly inspiring to see athletes staying competitive much longer than they once could. The science of training, medicine, diet and exercise has sure come a long way. I'm not a football fan but what Brady has accomplished certainly puts him in the running for GOAT. Is he better than Wayne Gretzky? (yes I know it's a different sport)

    • It’s hard not to see him as the best QB of all time. His longevity has been incredible. He’ll likely win another MVP award this year, if not a Super Bowl (go Eagles!).

      He’s certainly benefited from being on a well run franchise, having good offensive lines, and working with the greatest coach of all time for many years. I think a few other QBs, given those circumstances, might also be in this conversation. And in terms of pure athleticism, there are quite a few QBs I’d put ahead of him. But in the big game, I’d take Brady over anyone ever.

    • I grew up near Chicago near the Michael Jordan era. It was an amazing time to live there. You could say the same thing about Michael's Bulls as you say about Brady's Pats. The dynasties they played on and for how long all have one thing in common- they have to perform. Player development, leadership and performance are never guaranteed no matter the situation. Just ask Big Ben with his team's annual top ranks in defense, offensive line, RB and WRs production. You have to show up to win :-)