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    • Thanks! I was actually in New York over the summer and got a chance to swing by one of the retroshops and was pretty impressed. Unfortunately, the Bay Area has a surprising dearth of vintage gaming stores.

    • Fascinating! I've owned and loved many of the consoles and controllers mentioned, so this was a fun trip down memory lane.

      These days it's hard for me to imagine how anyone could have used the old Famicom-style controllers for any length of time without serious pain. I'm super grateful for modern ergonomic controllers. I had to give up mouse-heavy PC gaming years ago because it was causing wrist pain, but thanks to modern controllers I'm still able to enjoy console games.

      I own both a PS4 and an Xbox One now, but when I buy a non-exclusive game I usually buy it for the Xbox, and the main reason is the controller: it's just slightly more comfortable for me than the PS4's.

    • This controller has given me so many memories. It was the first console controller that made me feel like I was playing something truly new and different.

      I also really loved the GameCube controller. It's crazy that they remade a Nintendo Switch version for the Super Smash Bros. purists!