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    • Spending time at the Wildlife World Zoo today with the family, I encountered this big cat, who had his eyes on me. Luckily, I had my Pixel 2 XL and captured his stare. That's not a big fence between us, but it works. Also, in the background, a black panther. Rowr.

    • I am completely taken by jaguars. They're gorgeous and powerful and intense.

      When we visited the Belize Zoo, a zookeeper approached us and asked if we'd like to go into a small enclosure and interact with Junior the jaguar. It would be $50. I've never reached into my wallet faster.

      We got to go to a small enclosure with a bucket of chicken parts. It turns out he likes to lick your head. You had to have short hair or be bald to get permission. I can't believe how rough their tongues are. It feels like they have metal scales on them and they grip your head so when they lick it pulls your head way back.

      The size of those paws!

    • When we picked up the bucket of chicken, Junior was completely focused. The zookeeper told us to hold the chicken leg by the very end so Junior didn't get a piece of your finger, because it was coming off immediately if he did.

    • My daughter started passing chicken legs to Junior through the cage and he chewed them up like they were Doritos. After a crunch or two where the bones sounded like they shattered, down the hatch. He didn't manage to snag a finger for this feeding.

    • You have to keep the drumsticks coming or you get a look. I saw a documentary about uncontacted tribes in the Amazon—tribes who have been in the forest for more than a century without making contact with villagers—and if the tribes finally decide to make contact, when someone figures out their language they discover that they talk about their #1 fear: Jaguars.

    • Awesome photos. The jaguar was absolutely beautiful. Unpictured was when I was reaching out for a shot and he leapt and snapped at me, as if I'd crossed the forbidden line. Wish I had gotten that on video.

      Less scary? This tiny little gibbon baby, with its mom. No hair, and all sleepy.

      The World Wildlife Zoo was actually fantastic and tucked into the desert. Great variety.