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    • I just turned FIFTY-NINE last week. OUCH. NOT SIXTY YET! hahahahah I still -think- I think like a 40 y/o but, the body is a tad more creaky in the morning.

      Part of my marketing business I sell and love to sell promotional products and I have shared here the brand I have created is called SWAGMAN. It works. I don't get rich selling swag but it really is a highly effective marketing channel that most people completely misunderstand if they are not working with a professional promotional products salesperson.

      My niche is that as a designer, I can help customer really conceptualize a unique look or function to their swag that actually accentuates their brand.

      So, I got a "promo" email from one of the vendors I always see at our big tradeshow in January.....they specialize in taking brand name guitars like Gibson and others and allowing people like me to sell a custom branded piece. As an example Monster Energy Drink ended up ordering 30,000! for a promo give-away!!! I have some ideas and customers that I want to head down this road with but you gotta show the customer to make them believe it.

      So the vendor provided the template and I created the design. The vendor was actually pretty enthusiastic about my design as well. Anyway, who knows if I will ever get proficient in playing but with all the super helpful YouTube videos out there, I don't doubt with enough practice I will be able to spurt out some sort of rendition to Bachman Turner Overdrives TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS at some business expo or something. hahahahahh

      The real point of this, is getting old is definitely a state of mind. I know some kids in their 20's that mope around acting bored all day and acting like a 90 year old. I hope I never lose the enthusiasm and excitement to learn something new!

      I mean, wouldn't you want to learn how to play this geeethar if it looked that good? hahahahaha

      PS...I showed this to my customers dad in a machine shop....he is 83 years young and looks like he could be shredding at the retirement home in minutes! hahahahah

    • Congrats! May the best for you yet to come  🍻 

      When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice. – Cherokee