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    • A while ago I asked you what was first smartphone you purchased, and now I want to branch out along the same line and ask how often do you buy a new phone?

      I've developed a pattern of purchasing a new phone every 1.5-2 years. I don't upgrade every year as the yearly improvements from one generation to the next are never worth it. Instead I tend to skip one generation and buy a phone from the next generation, so my phones are always two generations apart. When I buy a new phone it's never out of necessity, but desire. My phones are always working fine when I upgrade, so I either sell it off to recuperate some of the cost of my new phone, or I hand it down to my siblings.

      How long do you keep a phone before buying a new one? Is it normally out of necessity or desire? Do you upgrade via your carrier? What do you normally do with your old phones?

    • original Iphone 3 then iPhone 4s. Briefly an iPhone 5 loaner to an iPhone XR. I try to wait until it’s verrrrry slllllow before I spend money.

    • I haven't been consistent in my new phone decisions, keeping some phones longer than others. I jumped faster with my last upgrade from a Samsung Galaxy S7 to a Samsung Galaxy S10. If I remember correctly I had the S7 for just under 2 years. That fits with your pattern of a new phone every 1.5 to 2 years.

      It was the edge to edge display that pulled me in.

    • I feel like I spend half my life on a phone so I have upgraded every release from iPhone 1 to 10. Then I decided to pass on the 11 because it was getting expensive and the 10 is so good. But when I went to Costa Rica with 5 kids I ended up regretting it because sometimes it was the only camera I had available and the 11's camera is better than the 10's.

    • Yeah, it wasn't only the edge to edge display that drew me to the S10, camera was definitely an upgrade too!

    • Samsung Model “About to spontaneously combust” to iPhone 5s three years ago to iPhone XR this past December. Similar to @cvdavis, I believe in running tech into the ground and then buying last year’s model since it’s usually significantly cheaper than the latest and greatest. The nice thing about this approach is that your mind is always blown at how much better the new tech is compared to the old.

      Of course, there’s an argument I shared with @Pathfinder on the “recurring annoyance” principle: if you reach the point where the gadget’s deficiencies have become a daily annoyance then buy whatever eliminates it as soon as possible.

    • Working for a Telco most of my life I usually got a new phone every year or so as a freebie. They were never top of the line but were above average.
      I had to buy my 2nd phone ever last year when the previous one I'd left my Telco job with decided it wasn't going to turn on anymore.

      In New Zealand the phone market is very Android orientated, partially because we haven't bought into the hype as much, and because the top end Apples are so expensive here compared to incomes. A Iphone 11 Pro 64GB is $2000 NZD.

      My first ever phone was on of these so it's been a long while between my own purchases.

    • A very early Qualcomm phone mid 90's, to a Motorola flip phone, an android phone on AT&T, iPhone 4, iPhone 6S+, iPhone X. All iPhones on Verizon

      Not sure if I will upgrade this fall or not yet - I really want a good 5G modem and I want to wait and see if it arrives in an Apple phone this fall. Otherwise, probably Apple's 2nd generation 5G phone. Time will tell. Just think what a 5G enabled hot spot will allow.... I may no longer need a cable modem 😎

      I purchase a new phone when I see a good technological reason to man up. The main reason I jumped from the 6S+ was the smaller form factor for the X in my front jeans pocket, and the availabliity of Portrait Mode, which I like a lot, and use fairly often, in the X's camera .

    • I upgrade phones about every 3-4 years. It is getting harder to justify upgrading each year as I used to back in early 2010s. The last three phones I had were: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone X. It has been almost 4 years since I got the iPhone X and I'm still loving it. The battery doesn't hold as much charge as it used to, but everything else about the phone is still great!

      However, I do plan to upgrade to the iPhone 12 when it comes out.

    • I’ve had my iPhone 7 since Fall of 2016. The only quibble I have is what @Vilen mentioned. The battery is at 75% of its original capacity. But, it’s still supporting peak performance, so there’s no real issues other than I have to recharge it a bit more frequently. I also agree with Vilen that these phones are becoming so good that you can hang on to them longer. My philosophy is so long as your phone can run the latest OS and there’s no other issues, you’re good. That’s why I’m not looking to upgrade phones. The iPhone 7 runs iOS 13 and projects to run iOS 14 as well. So I’m cool to hang onto what I got for the foreseeable future.

    • The only real reason to upgrade more frequently than me is if you are a big photo guy like @Chris, @Vilen, and others on here. Then it makes sense. Or, if you are a tech geek and just love to have what’s new.

    • I don't even know how much that's true, though it'll definitely depend on the photographer. At this point any phone from the past few years is pretty solid with the newer ones getting the big bump in terms of the more intense processing for IQ like night modes. But I use mine mostly for pretty solid light situations in terms of serious shots and there with a little work in Snapseed they're good to go for the web. For more demanding ones I still use dedicated cameras, or anything that will be blown up beyond 8x10 because many phone photos still have issues when you zoom in. They'd still be good for normal viewing distances but I can be a bit too much of a perfectionist with my work when it comes to this (to my own detriment).

    • For my purposes, my camera is fine. Though I do think better cameras are supposed to be key features of the new phones. You are right, though. On a lot of these earlier models such as the one I got, the cameras are pretty damn good as they are.

    • Yeah, I replaced the better yin my wife’s iPhone 6 a few years ago and it made all the diff. She’s still happy with it.

    • @Chris Did YOU replace the battery yourself, or did you have it swapped by some firm or someone else?

      I might be reluctant to swap the battery in my X myself, but I have swapped a lot of hard drives in Apple lap tops so I am not totally inhibited either...