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    • Over the last 5 years of competitive racing ranging from mud runs to trail runs to road races I've changed many pairs and many brands. For a long time I was a fan of Nike then I discovered Inov-8 and ran in their shoes for a while.

      A couple of years ago I've stumbled upon Altra trail running shoes and ever since then have been a big fan of them. I've now owned at least 8 pairs of various models but mostly focused on their trail line.

      There are a few things I look for when looking for a new pair:

      1. Weight vs Cushion - being light means swinging less weight around while a cushion size (stack height) helps in preventing shin splints (for me) and makes long runs more comfortable.

      2. Zero Drop - no vertical difference between the toe and the heel, which is how our feet naturally feel standing barefoot.

      3. Tread Pattern - having a rugged and somewhat pronounced pattern helps with grip on trail while adding an extra cushion on the road.

      I mostly race triathlons (on and off-road) and do some trail races during in the winter months. For training I absolutely love Altra Lone Peak 3.5 because it hits all three of the above points.

    • When the race day comes I put on a different pair - Altra Superior 3.0 since they are lighter (about 30 grams less) with a bit less cushion (helps feeling the terrain more), but still having similar tread pattern than my training pair.

      What are your favorite racing and training shoes for triathlon, ultra running, road racing and why?

    • Altras all the way! For road running, I use Escalante which is so much more comfortable than the Hoka Clifton (I used these extensively before and I went through at least 7-8 pairs before I gave up on them due to the narrow toe box and blister issues). I've also loved Nike Kigers but their design changed with v4 and I'm less of a fan....

      For trail use, I love the Timp. I used them at Rio Del Lago 100M and I had zero issues. I do have the Lone Peak 3.5 but wasn't a big fan. (I've also tried Olympus 2.0, Solstice and some others but nothing really stood out).

      Other brands I've used in the last ~7 years:
      - La Sportiva (Akasha)
      - Salomon (few different models)
      - Brooks
      - Asics
      - Newtons
      - Saucony

    • I haven’t tried the Altra Escalante just yet, but based on your recommendation I’ve just ordered a pair. Will report back on how they feel after a few runs. Also they look very slick in Black 😎

    • Because I have a forefoot issue I'm forced to use heavy cushioned shoes. I'm a neutral runner so I use shoes like Brooks Glycerin, Brooks Transcend and Saucony Triumph.

    • I suffered from a shin splint last year which kept me off running for quite some time - it took me longer just to get back into the training mode. I suspected my running shoes contributing partly to the injury but just didn't know where to begin to address the issue. I usually train and race on a pair of ultra-light and minimalist shoes - perhaps getting some cushion would be a worthy experiment.

    • I used to avoid running on hard surfaces as much as possible. I'd run on boulevards, grass, dirt trails, off road trails and then finally treadmills that had lots of cushion. I now only use high cushioned shoes. While that's not necessarily what everyone needs, it can sure reduce the stresses on your body. If you love running - and it appears you do - then find someone who can analyze your gait/stride and get fitted for some quality shoes. There are also some good Youtube videos on when to change your shoes.

    • Based on @mtn_runr recommendation, I ordered the Altra Escalante shoes and got them a few days ago. I finally had a chance to test them on a treadmill. I like to test new shoes this way because it eliminates variables like weather and track condition. I know exactly how my other pairs feel and can easily assess how they stack up.

      My initial impressions after a 5K treadmill run were that the shoes are amazing. It is the pair I've been looking for a long time for road racing and treadmill running. They feel like my trail racing shoes (Altra Superior 3.0) but 30 grams lighter and with a slightly taller stack height (extra 4mm). The feel is like the perfect amount of cushion yet not too bulky. After so many pairs of other Altra lines and other brands, these feel like my new favorite road racing shoes!