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    • The follow function seems to aggressively float your followees' posts to the top, so it seems like it's functionally there even if the UI doesn't make that obvious.

    • Yeah, I would like more of a social network here too. I think the team is still building that and thinking it through and doesn't want to immediately look like Facebook or Twitter and wants to see what kinds of things evolve here first. I get that and think they focused first efforts on where they could differentiate then will fill in other stuff as people show up.

    • Thank you for a great insight about following topics and people, David!

      Fundamentally we built Cake to be all about following topics, but as the platform grows there'll be many people talking about the same topic at various levels of credibility. This will create a lot of noise. There are a few ways to solve this problem:

      1. Prioritize showing content from people you care about in a specific topic. This solves the problem of following people and seeing everything from them, rather than what you both share interest in.

      2. Panel conversations is another solution. These are public conversations that can be read and reacted to by any one, but only panelists can post. This cuts down the noise, prevents trolls and creates a safe space for the panelists to talk.

      Here is an example of a recent Panel:

      Hope to see more insights from you here on Cake.

    • Trying her out. Like the clean look, so far. One concern I have, though, is reading that Cake is designed primarily for people to follow topics, not people. That's great, in theory, but I'm not sure I understand why both models aren't supported.

      Hey David, I think you're absolutely right and we've been thinking this through for awhile now. I think what you want is to follow topics like Tesla Model 3, and when you see someone posting in that topic who is really knowledgeable, you want to follow them in that topic. Am I right? Or possibly in all topics you follow, but not in politics, raising children, or thoughts on the keto diet, which you don't follow. Correct?

      It seems to me the problem of social graph companies is you get everything your uncle posts. You follow him to keep up with the cousins on Facebook, but he has extreme political views and you're having trouble unseeing them.

      If I have that right 👆 it's something we want to do but we're early and small and picking our battles, and wanting to make sure we really understand the problem.

    • So, if I like drone photography (which I do) and I start reading and following content in that area - how do I filter out the content from people that I don't like or aren't delivering what I consider to be credible content?

      Hey David, we do have mute and ignore in place now.

    • One concern I have, though, is reading that Cake is designed primarily for people to follow topics, not people.

      There's an implementation issue with that presently, being that all the topics you follow are thrown into your Cake home feed, without any controls/filters. One can't cut the stream down to one or a few of their current interests -- this is rather surprising for an interest-based network, and strikes me as something that needs to be addressed in short order, as it comes close to defeating the whole point.